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DESTINO, Colombian Dbeat Hardcore Punk store widget and Bio.


The 80's were going by and the moral aspects in society no refer to only religion but generally the wright and wrong things, started to change radically. Colombian closed mind, conservative and catholic classicist society opened up to allow the new rich people known as Drug Lords to dig into. They bought the expensive places and huge farms the high class people offered and they melt into a new class of people. Violence, Impunity and drug money became a part of Colombian life and was accepted somehow.
I was a 15- 16 years old middle class teen age who used to hang out in the streets with my friends. All these changes affected the way we all believe was the way to grew up. Watching drug lords and their Sicarios, 16 years old hit men, buying expensive cars, apartments, dating hot ladies and even breaking the law or killing people and getting away with it without any punishment from the law or justice hit my generation's point of view.
Our hardworking fathers and relatives became nobody for they couldn't afford or made any of what the new rich people did. Violence becomes a way of life and tones of the teenagers groups evolved as gangsters in middle class neighborhoods. Things got lot uglier in the low-income people hoods or ghettos or better known as "comunas".
My bodies started to carry guns and they sold out to become by all means one of the new rich people that society was looking up as models. They all got killed. Meanwhile I walked down the streets trying to find a way to release all the anger that was raising in me. I met other people from all around the city with similar feelings.  I survived the narcoterrorist war walking down the streets, writing songs of what I saw and lived and making and underground Hardcore Punk scene in Medellin. 30 of my closed friends were killed between 89-93.
I founded and wrote lots of the famous songs in Colombian Punk band IRA. I played and still do play the guitar and co write songs with my long time friend Carlos R. -Volketo- for legendary Medellin Hardcore gem DEXKONCIERTO.
Fall of 96 I moved to Miami. I played the guitar and wrote some of its songs when playing for Miami's Drunk Punks bastards UFC for 8 years.
I founded and write the songs with my bodies Glen roach Larsen and Bruno S. for the greatest one of a kind Hardcore band, Los HUMANIAX. Valentina's sweet powerful voice and great support joint us later.
Also, I made an Anthropologist documentary about Hardcore Punks in Medellin s narcoterrorist war years. Mas alla del No Futuro. Experiences and points of view collection of some survivors of the scary times between 85-93.

When my two Americans bands disbanded for many reasons everything started to go to hell. Then the Bush economic and administrative malicious disaster hit me hard and left me down the hill. My wife and I own interior design company broke and we lost our apartment as well as our car and the warehouse and shit. I decided to go to live in the Forrest in a small town close by Medellin in Colombia but my wife stayed in the states. We got into a painful divorced later on.
I started to do what I used to do before I left to the States. I mean going to shows, I went to every show I could be at, at every corner in the city, hang out with my old friends at any of the small Parks or any Bar or any Ezquina de Barrio around it.  Figth Nazi punks, taking a look over the situation with Paramilitares now called Bacrim or the new lords on the streets, making friends and having fun. Working with my Family business was first but I had time for walking down the streets watching the now huge and different Punks scenes in Medellin.
I started writing new songs and finishing some songs I had started in Miami. 3 some years later I finally finished writing all the lyrics and music and made this new projekt, DESTINO, a D beat Hardcore beautiful noise with intelligent lyrics as I like to believe.
During that time I met this guy, the bartender of a small little bar located in one of the small parks in downtown I used to hangout at nights back in the days. I now call this park El Infierno, because it’s agitated and convulsed atmosphere. The drug lords literally own the place and only the people who buy from them are allowed to stay there without any threat. The rest of the people from the different urban tribes, the ones who had conquered the park in the 90s are now at their own risk. Several have been killed in total impunity, no prosecution from the cops whatsoever.
The bartender used to play 80s thrash metal and Grind core at the bar and Punks and metal heads used to have a couple of beers. I found out that Alex the bartender was a great musician and invited him to play. 6 month later after trying some drummers without any luck, they were to busy or some shit else, we went different paths. I had a baby with my new wife and Alex had to stop working at the bar and he just disappears.
Esteban Mesa, DEXKONCIERTO and Los Desempleados drummer, Joint me playing the drums as I played all the Strings and Shouted the fuck out of me to record this job with the super Help from my Friend Andres Navarro  (Fechoria) doing all the engineering and mastering at Navash records.
Some time after recording I met with Alex again in Rionegro a small city one-hour driving next to Medellin. We called Cristian the drummer of Kolapso Social and we started to practice to be a real band.

Today DESTINO is:
Alex Lopez - Bass-Chorus
Cristian Murillo - Drums- Chorus
Jose Juan Posada - Guitar and Voice.

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