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Jose J Posada's "Mas alla del No Futuro"

Jose J. posada's "Mas alla del No Futuro" 80s-90's  Medellin-Colombia-Punk Documentary
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The Punk scene raised up at early 80’s with a few ones who knew there was a way to manifest all the inconformity the youngest used to live with in a changing values society.  The social inequity and the concentration of property was becoming at large and political corruption to keep the unfair situation “democratic” was in charge.
The Narcs (mafia) came into society and started living in the same places, clubs, big farms etc, etc and political party too, society and power cartels living together and having business. Not that I’m moralist but Narcs money, the “fast cash” culture corrupted the minds of many politicians, businessman, military people, etc, etc and the minds of the youngest too. 
  By 83-84 the city was divided in “comunas” according to its economical power with neighborhoods controlled by different gangs. It was normal that you were a member of your neighborhoods gang and had to fight with other gangs around your hood. As it happened in cities like New York, Los Angeles etc .  The difference in Medellin- Colombia was the “easy money or fast cash culture” from the Cartel money corrupted the whole values of society.
 Guerrilla’s ideas got corrupted with the drug money too.
 The money from the Cartels started to fuel this hood gangs into private armies when the confrontation started between the different Cartels and the State. The unbalanced equity in society and the very few opportunities for poor people to access education and the shits made the perfect atmosphere for the young generations to go and work for the Cartels as “Sicarios” (hitmen) basically.
  So there we go.
In that chaotic situation a few ones started to go out of their hoods and gangs and they went for the music as a weapon. Contacting people from other hoods and making a fucking scene out of nothing with no musical knowledge and no equipments. They started trading records and making the first sounds of the local HardcorePunk scene in Medellin. Bands like Mutantes, NN, Los Podridos, NO, Las Pichurrias, Las pestes, P-nes, Imagen…, There was a tape comp “Medallo Punk” grouping this bands. All time Punk activist  G. Oquendo upgraded this tape comp into a  3 cd pack compilation before he died.
 Victor Gaviria’s ”Rodrigo D No Futuro” movie film, showing or trying to show these complex reality was shot in the days with Punk members and Punk music recorded within.
 Hardcore bands continued to raised from the very violent ambience that the city was going thru. The kids left their hood and gangs and went out side in the city looking for people having the same interests.  Fredy Rodas, from Imagen and NN, Started to joint bands and people together in order to make a scene without fights with in. It was enough of violence going on and no need to do it within the scene, so He founded OREC that stands for Chain reaction force kind of, because we decide to stud up against any threat.
Needles to say that it was a 1000% D.I.Y. Scene with no musical talent, musical equipments, places to practice or places to play venues regularly.
 Narcoterrorist war bloom strong in 89 and massacres and car bombs were common in the days. It was very fucking dangerous just to be out in the streets after 9:00 pm.
 Lots of the youth die in those days, including many punks.  I lost 30 of my gang members back then, and still hurt.
 As the youth working for the Cartel was placing car bombs and shooting police officers, so the Government started with the dirty war too. The indiscriminate massacres where all over the city. More than 3000 young die from a bullet between 89-91.
The Scene was made out in the streets, walking from side to side looking for people and bands with the same interest and needs.
 Being a Hardcore Punk was almost as a suicide when the youth became the target in the Narcoterrorist war.  Looking different made a target of you.
 Tomas Cipriano (ex Parabellum, HPHC, Libra) reunited some of these days bands in
12 inch comp. “ La Ciudad Podrida”  bands like Dexkoncierto, Crimen Impune, BSN, and others. At the same time IRA, Imagen, Rasix and Sociedad violenta cut their first 7-inch and La Pestilencia recorded a whole Lp.

In the 90s the violent situation couldn’t stop the Hardcore scene from making more bands and noise. Even thought there were no places to play shows, the scene survived this years playing their shows clandestinely. The Punk house(my house, hehehehe) and Victor Gavirias studio, Tiempos Modernos and Public Universidad de Antioquia, were the only places for making shows and that was  a lot to say. You could cut the air with a knife, fear in the ambience was dense and it was common to see gangs of sicarios or even secret police officers shooting massacres in the streets while the Hardcore Punkx hanging out from dusk till down witnessing the whole fucking shit.
Bands like Dexkoncierto, BSN, IRA, Fertil Miseria, Herpes, Ataque de Sonido, HPHC, Dezadaptadoz, Diskordia, Anti-Todo, Averxion, Kept the scene going with their recordings and having few shows until the end of the violent era in 92.
Things started to be easyer after 93. An Alternative wave took place in the new generation and society became more open minded. Hardcore punk bands started to be accepted in bars and the media stopped attacking and became open to them by 96.
Even though I feel something is missing in todays the scene is huge now days with lots of bands, venues and people floating around looking punks or so and a whole new path an alternative was open for young generations to live and walk thru.
I try to show this entire pathway in my documentary ”Mas alla del No Futuro”.

Jose J. Posada
Antropologo, Independent Filmaker and Musician in bands like:
Dexkoncierto-UFC-Los Humaniax-.
Co-Founder, writer, guitarist, Producer  and robbed and ripped in IRA.
Check my new project DESTINO :

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